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Audio Mastering FAQ's

Over the years we have created a system that helps to anticipate and satisfy our customers needs. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions below, and if you don't find your answer listed, please feel free to contact us at:

QUESTION- How do I know if you are the right audio mastering service for my music?
ANSWER-At we are dedicated to satisfying you, our customer, and will work with you extensively to get the sound you're looking for. We include you throughout the whole mastering process by getting samples approved, so the results are guaranteed to be what you were hoping for.

QUESTION- I know I need mastering, but how does this whole thing work?
ANSWER-A typical mastering process with us would be-
1. Send us an mp3 of your song(s) so we can listen and suggest any premastering changes.
2. We will then do a mockup mastering of your sound from an actual .WAV file of the recording, and send you a sample.
3. You approve the sample, or comment on anything you hear.
4. Once we settle on "your sound" we will request payment and process the final product, having it ready for delivery within 24 hours.

QUESTION- What if I still want to make a small change in the final mastered version?
ANSWER- We are happy to give each song two follow up requests on all of our services to allow for small adjustments to fit your needs. We feel confident in offering this option simply because we rarely get this request; our process of including you along the way ensures it's gets done right the very first time, but we don't want you to feel locked in. This offer gives our customers the reassurance that they can truly count on us. We like happy customers - just read our referrals!

QUESTION- "Make your sound your own" Why do you say this at different forums?
ANSWER- Your recordings will invariably have their own sound. Your individuality is what makes you who you are, and what makes your music different and unique, and we don't want to change that. We want to give you your own sound, like your own brand, and make it sound as good as it possibly can. We are not a cookie cutter multi track processing center, we listen to each artist and strive to help them create their own distinctive sound. Think of your favorite artist and how you can recognize their sound as soon as you hear it. That's part of what makes them stand out, and the reason our clients keep coming back to us, it all adds up, and we make each piece count.

QUESTION- What if I need more help than just digital audio mastering?
ANSWER- This is a tough question at times. Since we all have different tastes in music we will all have differing opinions on what a song needs. Our staff that is comfortable in performing a wide variety of genres, and are really good at feeling their way through a song; they can make your song complete if you're missing certain sections. We are also willing to go deeper into the mastering process with you if need be, and reprocess your original tracks, (tune the vocals, fix the reverb, whatever is needed) and then remix the whole project, if requested. Take a look at our Services page- we offer a lot of possibilities. In the end it's your call on when your tracks are finished and ready for the mastering process, we keep you involved every step of the way.

QUESTION- What if I still have more questions?
ANSWER- Use our Contact page to get in touch with one of our staff members, or you can email us at MasteringMatters and one someone will be in direct contact with you shortly.

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